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Trenuri în Danemarca survola

Și Danemarca are probleme cu Alstom:

DSB faces two-year delay of delivery IC5 trains by Alstom

The delivery of the IC5 trains by Alstom to Danish railway operator DSB will be later than planned. According to the timeline agreed in 2022, the first trainsets were to be in passenger service in Denmark by mid-2025, but with the revised plan, the IC5 will run in the 2027 timetable.

The train order was the largest one in the history of Denmark with 100 trains ordered of the Coradia Stream platform of Alstom. The original schedule had to be adjusted for several reasons, DSB shares. First of all, Alstom is taking longer than expected to complete the final IC5 design and ensure that the trainsets “meet the high quality, comfort and reliability requirements that DSB has set for IC5, the Danish version of the Coradia Stream”. Two other significant factors for Alstom are uncertain supply chains worldwide and adaptation of capacity and production plans.

“It is unfortunate, but not unusual, that schedules are adjusted for large train purchases”, says Jürgen Müller, Director of Strategy & Train Equipment at DSB. “There are no off-the-shelf products, and even when you buy as standard as possible, it is a large and complex task to get all the details in place so that the final design of the train sets meets all the special conditions that apply in the individual country.” Production of the IC5 is underway at Alstom’s factories in Katowice (Poland) and Salzgitter (Germany) and the first train sets will be delivered to Denmark in 2025. After delivery, they must be quality tested and approved by the authorities and DSB personnel will carry out training before the new trains can be put into passenger service.
“Designing a train is like putting together a puzzle with 120,000 pieces, where every single small change to a piece affects the final picture”, says Jörg Nikutta, CEO for Alstom Denmark. “Now the design is locked in, production is underway, and although the schedule has been adjusted, we will deliver fantastic electric IC5 trains that meet, and hopefully exceed, the Danish expectations for a reliable and comfortable passenger experience.”



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