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Știri, noutăți, perspective Andrei Andraș

The Czech SOR became the winner for trolleybus tender in Szeged

For the second time, the public procurement procedure launched by Szegedi Közlekedési Kft. was won by the czech SOR Libchavy with the trolleybus model called TNS 12. The municipal company re-launched a tender to supplement the trolleybus fleet with four more units after the tender at which the sole bidder was Belkommunmash, a trolleybus and bus manufacturer in Belarus, procedure laun ched in mid-October last year. The main financial source for the acquisition is the net grant amount of HUF 577,461,000 from the Green Bus Program tender, with the necessary self-sufficiency provided by the local government in Szeged.

At the request of SZKT, two bids were received by the deadline for submission of bids, one from the successful bidder and one from Solaris Bus & Coach. The Polish trolleybus manufacturer offered the 4 trolleybuses and spare parts, which were to be delivered together with the vehicles, at a net value of EUR 2,251,868, an offer more than EUR 400,000 more expensive than the SOR offer. In addition to the 15-kilometer self-propelled capacity, the Poles would have given a full 36-month vehicle warranty.

The Czech company won the right to complete the tender with a net bid of HUF 682,987,873 million at the central rate of MNB of EUR 1,833,180, but this exceeds the pre-calculated available margin, but the Szeged General Assembly met a few days ago to decide that the procedure it could be successfully completed by increasing self-sufficiency and ensuring coverage. The summary of offers shows that the manufacturer offers a full 48-month warranty for the model offered. The 12-meter-long trolleybuses will have a 2-2-2 door format and will be able to carry 77 passengers at the same time, based on 5 people standing / m2, and all passenger doors will be electrically operated. According to the manufacturer, the trolleybuses will be able to cover quite a long distance in self-propelled battery-powered mode, up to 50 kilometers, of course without the use of comfort aids (such as air conditioning and heating).

In addition, vehicles must be equipped with air conditioning systems in both the passenger compartment and the passenger compartment, visual and acoustic passenger information equipment outside and inside, at least 7 lockable windows, on-board WiFi connections and USB sockets. Trolleybuses must also be equipped with an on-board reversing system, traffic monitoring and two-way external rear-view cameras.

Only SOR Libchavy is listed as the main contractor on the tender side, so it is not yet known if they will come with a Škoda BlueDrive (IGBT) propulsion system or receive electronics from Cegelec In-Motion-Charging (IGBT) in France.

In addition to the framework contract for four trolleybuses, the contracting authority may opt for two additional vehicles, with which SZKT may exercise any number of installments of its choice within 48 months of the conclusion of the contract. Delivery of the basic quantity or completion of the test without 1000 kilometers requested by the operator must take place within a maximum of 15 months from the entry into force of the contract of sale, and the contract can be concluded no earlier than May 20.
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Re: Știri, noutăți, perspective punmeister

Mai degraba vor merge pe mana celor de la Cegelec avand in vedere planurile Skoda.


Știri, noutăți, perspective Andrei Andraș

„In the past, our company supplied electrical equipment to Szeged for the modernization of trams and trolleybuses and our products were also used in the last delivery of new trams. The order for new partial trolleybuses for Szeged will mean for us a new project for a traditional customer, which we are extremely happy about”, said Miroslav Opa, CEO of Cegelec, as the supplier of the electrical part.


Știri, noutăți, perspective Andrei Andraș

Szeged would rent old trolleys from Budapest

Thirty-five-year-old Ikarus may appear in Szeged soon. But according to the promise of the local transport company, only temporarily.

The Szegedi Közlekedési Kft. (SZKT) admitted to Szegeder's questions that they are thinking about renting the old Budapest Ikarus trolleys. The paper says that Szeged has already ordered new SOR trolleys, but until they arrive, the existing Skoda trolleys must be replaced with something.

According to the SZKT, some of the Skodas can no longer be economically repaired, so they would take the Ikarus, which used to run in Budapest, as replacement articulated vehicles. The good-looking Ikarus 280 trolleys are "only" around 35 years old, but the Skodas from Szeged are not much better either: none of them are younger than thirty. The Ikarus are also more economical, as they have brake energy recovery technology. In terms of passenger comfort, both are roughly the same.

BKV wrote to the newspaper that the contract between the two transport companies "is currently being finalized in connection with the rental of GVM type trolleybuses". During the negotiations, it was mentioned that Szeged would also rent Volvo 7700A buses, which is currently in the preparation stage.
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