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Cehia - Brno macheta218

Tramvaie in Brno, part 1.
DSCF1487.JPG (415.68 KB; downloaded 2315 times)
DSCF1552.JPG (432.78 KB; downloaded 2312 times)
DSCF1545.JPG (375.02 KB; downloaded 2314 times)
K2P si T3P
DSCF1473.JPG (424.49 KB; downloaded 2312 times)
DSCF1662.JPG (451.18 KB; downloaded 2312 times)
DSCF1663.JPG (376.99 KB; downloaded 2312 times)
DSCF1546.JPG (393.98 KB; downloaded 2312 times)
Skoda 13T
DSCF1556.JPG (431.51 KB; downloaded 2311 times)
Skoda 13T
DSCF1558.JPG (414.24 KB; downloaded 2314 times)
Skoda 13T
DSCF1669.JPG (439.72 KB; downloaded 2311 times)


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Re: Brno macheta218

Part 2.
Skoda 13T
DSCF1527.JPG (403.65 KB; downloaded 2307 times)
Skoda 13T
DSCF1530.JPG (405.89 KB; downloaded 2306 times)
DSCF1549.JPG (428.67 KB; downloaded 2306 times)
DSCF1478.JPG (401.39 KB; downloaded 2306 times)
Vario LF L + vario LF M
DSCF1553.JPG (436.86 KB; downloaded 2306 times)
Varoi LF M
DSCF1555.JPG (437.8 KB; downloaded 2307 times)
Vario LF L
DSCF1665.JPG (429.52 KB; downloaded 2306 times)
Vario LF L + Vario LF M
DSCF1666.JPG (338.07 KB; downloaded 2307 times)
T3P + VV 60 LF
DSCF1678.JPG (457.71 KB; downloaded 2307 times)
VV 60 LF
DSCF1679.JPG (415.54 KB; downloaded 2307 times)


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Re: Brno macheta218

Part 3. De la inaltime ;)
DSCF1642.JPG (440.06 KB; downloaded 2306 times)
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Re: Brno macheta218

Part. 4.
DSCF1613.JPG (489.49 KB; downloaded 2306 times)
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Re: Brno macheta218

Part. 5.
DSCF1600.JPG (518.28 KB; downloaded 2306 times)
DSCF1626.JPG (492.85 KB; downloaded 2306 times)
patru tramvaie ,patru destinatii diferite.  statia  Nové sady
DSCF1628.JPG (486.81 KB; downloaded 2306 times)
DSCF1630.JPG (459.52 KB; downloaded 2306 times)
DSCF1684.JPG (453.79 KB; downloaded 2307 times)
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Interior Vario LF L
DSCF1536.JPG (422.83 KB; downloaded 2306 times)


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Re: Brno macheta218


DSCF1706.JPG (422.18 KB; downloaded 2306 times)
DSCF1707.JPG (451.92 KB; downloaded 2306 times)


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Re: Cehia - Brno punmeister

Breaking: a tram has collided with an electric trolleybus in central Brno this afternoon shortly before 14:00.

According to preliminary reports from Brno firefighters HZS JMK, an estimated 40 injuries have been recorded at the scene, five of which are serious injuries.

More recent estimates pinpoint the number of injuries at 38, with 12 serious injuries.

“It is a mass accident, the paramedics have divided the wounded according to the severity of their injury,” fire brigade spokesperson Jaroslav Mikoška told at the scene.

Both the tram driver and trolleybus driver are among those with serious injuries, though neither have life-threatening injuries.

The collision occurred at the Masná tram stop in Brno’s city center; its cause is currently unknown.

Because a stroller has been recovered at the scene of the accident, some have speculated that the accident was a result of the trolleybus driver swerving to avoid hitting a woman with a stroller crossing the street on a red light.

“I know about this speculation, but I cannot confirm or disprove it at the moment,” Hana Tomaštíková, spokesperson for Brno’s transit authority, told

Busy Křenová street in central Brno is currently closed to all automotive and pedestrian traffic as police and firefighters attend to the accident.

According to safety inspectors, the tram did not contain any passengers at the time of the collision. Damages have been initially estimated at over one million crowns.

This is a developing story; we will update as more information becomes available. ... 0-injured/


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Re: Cehia - Brno Tom

A apărut și un film, dar nu se prea vede nimic traversând prin fața troleibuzului. Mai mult, dacă una cu căruciorul traversa pe roșu prin fața tramvaiului și apoi a troleibuzului, iar troleibuzul ar fi ocolit-o și a intrat în tramvai, atunci individa și-o fura suprem de la mașina care a trecut și aceea în viteză pe lângă troleibuz și nici măcar nu a încetinit, deci puțin probabil ca asta să fie cauza.
Mai curând, cum s'ar spune pe limba lor, șoferul a confundat pedala de "Brzda" cu cea de "Jizda" și troleibuzul s'a dus în .... (tot un cuvânt care se termină așa) :twisted:


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Re: Cehia - Brno PTMZ

Skoda va livra 40 de troleibuze și 40 de tramvaie la Brno:
The Brno Transport Company will refresh its public transport fleet with 40 new Škoda trolleybuses and 40 Škoda ForCity Smart trams. The first 20 trolleybuses will arrive in January next year and five trams will be delivered by February 2023. Photo Credit: KK / BD.

Brno, Feb 3 (BD) – The Brno Transport Company (DPMB) has finalised a contract for up to 40 new articulated low-floor Škoda 27Tr trolleybuses, to be delivered by Škoda Electric. The first 20 new trolleybuses will arrive by the end of January 2022, and DPMB will have the possibility to purchase another 20 for the same price by 2024. The total cost of the vehicles will be CZK 478 million.

“With almost 150 vehicles, Brno boasts the largest fleet of trolleybuses in the entire Czech Republic. I am glad that we are continuing this trend, as this is an environmentally friendly means of transport that does not add to air pollution in the city. Almost 70 percent of DPMB’s fleet runs on electricity, and 160 buses run on natural gas, and we are at the forefront of green public transport and smart solutions,” said Mayor of Brno Markéta Vaňková (ODS).

The new trolleybuses will operate mainly on the busiest lines: 25, 26 and 37. “The new vehicles will replace the 15Tr, 22Tr and 25Tr types, which are at the end of their service life. Some of them have been in operation for almost 30 years,” said Miloš Havránek, General Director of DPMB.

DPMB has also signed an agreement to purchase 40 new two-way trams from the Škoda Group in the years 2022–2026. The trams are part of Škoda’s ForCity Smart series of trams, already operating in other cities including Ostrava, Plzen, Helsinki, Tampere, Bonn and Mannheim. Five trams will be delivered by February 2023, and further deliveries will depend on DPMB’s financial situation. The framework agreement is valued at CZK 2.4 billion.

“Not only will our modern trams gradually change the face of Brno’s streets, but in particular they will help attract more passengers onto public transport and make it more attractive than individual car transport. Investments in modern vehicles clearly have a positive effect on reducing emissions and thus contribute to improving air and life in cities. Reducing emissions from transport is also the goal of the Green Agreement for Europe, and the gradual modernization of public transport and massive investments in emission-free vehicles will be a necessary basis for meeting these goals in the future,” said Tomáš Ignačák, Deputy Chairman of the Škoda Transportation Group.
Bnro-new-public-transport-tram-credit-Marie-Schmerkova-1024x657.png (632.36 KB; downloaded 371 times)

The Škoda ForCity Smart trams are two-way, low-floor and air-conditioned vehicles with high passenger capacity and multifunctional spaces for wheelchairs, prams or bicycles. The interior also includes widescreen information LCD monitors, as well as a camera system to ensure traffic safety and prevent vandalism. The vehicles meet the latest safety standards and perform reliably in poor weather conditions while running at low operating costs.

The two-way trams will operate mostly on line number 8 which meets a dead end in Líšeň. After the completion of the newly commissioned line to Bohunice university campus, line 8 will end at a dead end on both end stops.

Sursa: Brno Daily


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