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Re: Cehia - Trenuri PTMZ

A consortium of Siemens and Škoda Transportation won the tender to deliver České dráhy (CD) 20 Viaggio Comfort nine-car non-traction units including control cars. EUR 500 million is the value of the contract under which the new cars will be delivered from 2024 to 2026.

The super-modern comfort cars are to be operated in the upcoming years on routes from Prague via Ústí nad Labem to Hamburg or via Brno to Budapest and Vienna. They will have a capacity of 555 seats and a maximum operating speed of up to 230 km/h.

“These new cars will bear the mark of our Czech engineering department. They, for example, score points with barrier-free access for all passengers and quiet travel conditions at high speeds for comfortable journeys. Our state-of-the-art cars will help make sustainable rail transportation in Czech Republic even more attractive,” Gerhard Greiter, CEO of Region North-East Europe at Siemens Mobility said.

The concluded framework contract provides for a total of 182 wagons be purchased, 180 of which are intended for ČD passenger transport, whereas two wagons shall be purchased by the Czech Railway Administration Authority for track testing purposes.
CD-768x324.jpg (35.03 KB; downloaded 1930 times)

“The units will be equipped with the most advanced features available on the current European market and will offer passengers the highest level of comfort,” Ivan Bednárik, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of ČD, said.

The new train cars have a number of innovative features. Passengers will appreciate adjustable seats in first and second class, charging sockets for e-bikes, and a state-of-the-art bistro area. The trains will have WiFi connections, frequency-transparent windows for improved mobile phone reception, and an on-board information and electronic reservation system will be standard. The nine-car trains will also be equipped with wireless mobile phone chargers in first class, a children’s cinema, and storage space for 12 bicycles.

The control cars will be equipped with an on-board unit of the European train protection system ETCS as well as national train protection systems.

The Viaggio Comfort cars will be approved for operation in the Czech Republic and neighboring European countries such as Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, and Poland. The interoperability of the vehicles will be ensured by meeting the respective regional specifications.

Czech Railways previously ordered 50 Viaggio Comfort passenger cars from Siemens Mobility and Škoda Transportation in 2018.

The Czech Republic intends to increase the speed limit on the conventional lines to 200 km/h and to build a high-speed rail network. Prague – Dresden high-speed rail project is progressing as the Ministry of Transport approved the feasibility study and currently there are preparations for the geological survey.

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Re: Cehia - Trenuri PTMZ

Doi oameni au murit, șapte sunt în stare critică, iar alți 31 au suferit răni după ce două trenuri s-au lovit frontal, în Cehia, în apropiere de orașul Domazlice, miercuri dimineață, relatează Deutsche Welle.

„Putem confirma că doi oameni și-au pierdut viața în acest accident”, a anunțat poliția cehă pe Twitter.

Conform polițiștilor, elicoptere de salvare au ajuns în zonă pentru a-i transporta la spital pe răniți.

Ministerul transporturilor ceh, Karel Havlicek, a scris pe Twitter că unul dintre trenurile implicate în accident este un tren rapid care circulă între Munchen și Praga.

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Re: Cehia - Trenuri alliens

Se circula si la ei cu "sistemul INSDUSI" izolat?


Re: Cehia - Trenuri PTMZ

Správa železnic, the Czech rail infrastructure manager, and Siemens Mobility Czech Republic signed a contract for the supply of a Vectron multisystem locomotive which will be used for diagnostics on the railway network including the ETCS.

The electric locomotive will be delivered this autumn and it will be immediately used together with the existing diagnostic vehicles such as measuring vehicles for the superstructure, the radio network or the existing traction line measuring vehicle. It will also partially replace the performance of carriers that the Railway Administration has to lease.

The multisystem locomotive is equipped with ETCS on-board Level 2 Baseline 3 and is already approved for operation on the lines in the Czech Republic and abroad. The locomotive will also be equipped with SM-R and remote diagnostics system. This will allow the ETCS track-side tests to be carried out by separate test runs as well as by other vehicles.

“This is one of the first locomotives to be approved for operation under ETCS supervision on lines in the Czech Republic. We are gradually upgrading the system to other Vectron MS locomotives, which are now operated on lines, so that they can take full advantage of the possibilities of driving under ETCS in the future,” Roman Kokšal, the CEO of Siemens Mobility in the Czech Republic said.

The acquisition of the electric locomotive is part of a strategic project for a new measuring diagnostic track system for regular and acceptance measurements of both static and dynamic parameters of traction lines. The vehicle will complement the existing fleet of measuring rolling stock of the infrastructure manager and provides services for comprehensive diagnostics of railway infrastructure.

The Vectron multisystem locomotive for SZ will be manufactured at Siemens Mobility plant in Munich-Allach. The locomotive has a nominal traction power of 6400 kW and a maximum operating speed of 200 km/h. Due to its modular concept it will be handed over to the Railway Administration with equipment for operation in the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary and can be retrofitted with systems for operation in other countries as well. It will thus be possible to carry out test and measuring runs also at cross border sections.

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Re: Cehia - Trenuri PTMZ

The Czech rail infrastructure manager SZ has launched the seventh tender for its VRT network which includes the design of the Poříčany – Světlá nad Sázavou rail section, part of Prague – Brno high-speed rail. The value of the contract is estimated at CZK 500 million (EUR 19.67 million).

The section, which forms the part of Central Bohemia high-speed rail between Prague and Brno and will be connected to the Běchovice – Poříčany line (Polabí railway line, Elbe), which is already designed.

The contract includes the elaboration of the documentation for the zoning decision (DÚR) and the the preparation of documents for the process of environmental impact assessment (EIA). The zoning decision covers all the documents necessary for issuing a decision on the location of a high-speed railway construction in the region. The documentation also identifies the specific plots of land needed for the construction of the high-speed line and proposes the technical design of the line.

A zoning decision for the 70-kilometer section of Central Bohemia HSR is expected to be presented in 2025 and the construction would be launched two years later. The line will be designed only for passenger transport with a maximum speed of 320 km/h.

On this section, trains are expected to enter operation in 2031.

Central Bohemia HSR is part of the Prague – Brno high-speed rail towards Břeclav. The travel time between the Czech capital and Brno, in South Moravia, should be reduced to less than one hour after the completion of the entire section. From the beginning of the operation of this section, there will be a significant increase in the capacity of the railway line and a reduction in travel times.

This may lead to an expansion of the train service offer for passengers or an increase in the reliability and time reduction of rail transport.

The Czech high-speed rail plan will be implemented into three phases. The first one includes the construction of a “Y” HSR on the Prague – Brno – Ostrava and Brno – Břeclav routes, which are expected to be the busiest in the Czech Republic as it will provide connection between country’s three largest cities. Prague – Ústí nad Labem – Dresden is another line which will offer high-speed connection to the Western European network. The third fast connection will be constructed on the Prague – Hradec Králové / Pardubice – Wrocław route.

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Re: Cehia - Trenuri PTMZ

Under the framework contract signed in 2021, České dráhy has ordered 33 additional Pesa DMUs which will operate the Hradec Králové rail network.

The PLN 514 million (EUR 112 million) contract is the second order under the framework agreement signed in 2021 for the supply of 160 2-car DMUs.

“We will introduce modern trains that meet all requirements for comfortable travel of the 21st century to the regions. We will keep the promise as we have committed to in the agreements with the regional self-governments,” Ivan Bednárik, the Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of ČD said.

The new trains will be equipped with ETCS, air conditioning, modern audio video information system providing information about the train journey and stops to all passengers, including blind, partially sighted or deaf persons. The train set interior will be equipped also with information plates in Braille for blind and partially sighted passengers.

The diesel multiple units are designed to offer a spacious interior with 115 seats, Wi-Fi connection and charging sockets for electronic devices. The trains will have well-arranged interior with ergonomically designed upholstered seats in the versions for the 1st and 2nd classes. They are designed to provide sufficiently large areas for placement of baby carriages, bicycles and transport of people in wheelchairs.

The barrier-free trains will provide increased access without necessity of overcoming steps at the platform, and for passengers in wheelchairs they will be equipped with a platform for bridging the area between the platform and the car floor, while an additional telescopic step will facilitate boarding at stops with lower platforms.

The new Pesa DMUs feature modern safe sliding plug doors controlled by buttons, centrally closed and locked already before the train departure and for blind and partially sighted passengers the front door of the unit will be equipped with a remote control responding to a radio for blind people and also with an acoustic beacon.

In total, Pesa will deliver České dráhy 66 diesel multiple units ordered until now worth over PLN 1 billion (EUR 217.85 million).

Pesa will provide the national Czech rail operator with new generation diesel trains dedicated to regional lines, similar to those operated by ČD Links (RegioShark trains). The vehicles from the first call will operate in the Central Bohemia, Pardubice, South Bohemia, Vysočina and Prague regions.

České dráhy already operates two-car diesel units of the series 844 manufactured by Pesa known as RegioShark operating in the Ústí, Liberec, Karlovy Vary, Plzeň, Pardubice and Zlín Regions.

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Re: Cehia - Trenuri PTMZ

České dráhy and Škoda Transportation signed a contract for the supply of 31 additional RegioPanter EMUs, exercising an option to the framework agreement signed in 2020. CZK 5 billion (EUR 203.2 million) is the value of the new trains which will be delivered in 2024 to replace the existing obsolete train fleet.

The barrier-free EMUs provide on-board Wi-Fi, air-conditioned compartments, space for prams, bicycles and wheelchairs, or the option of recharging mobile phones and other electronic devices. They will be equipped with the ETCS system, modern audiovisual information system and camera systems to increase the safety and security of passengers.

The new electric multiple units will benefit “a new generation of traction drive, which is more economical and safer, modern control system and due to the modern bogies, they are characterised by improved operation,” Tomáš Ignačák, the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Škoda Transportation explained.

The new 3-car trains will be designed to provide transport services in Prague, the Central Bohemian, Ústí nad Labem and Hradec Králové regions offering high comfort and capacity as well as modern amenities. They will operate on the rail routes from Prague via Kralupy nad Vltavou to Ústí nad Labem, on the lines from Hradec Králové to Chlumec nad Cidlinou, Týniště nad Orlicí and Chocně or to Jaroměř.

“In cooperation with public transport customers, we are continuing the announced massive renewal of our regional passenger train fleet,” Ivan Bednárik, the CEO of České dráhy said.

By ordering these RegioPanter EMUS, České dráhy exercised the remaining option from the contracts concluded in 2019 and 2020 covering the supply of EMU fleet with a total value of more than CZK 15 billion (EUR 609.6 million). After the delivery of the ordered trains, the fleet from the Panter family will grow to a total 147 regional units and 14 long-distance trains with a total railcar fleet of 463. In addition, ČD and awarded Škoda a five-year maintenance contract for RegioPanter and InterPanter trains.

The renewal and expansion of the train fleet is part of company’s 2030 strategy.

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Re: Cehia - Trenuri Gabi23

Siemens Vectron 193-683 este construită și intrată în exploatare în 10.11.2021 (nr de sasiu 22957). A ajuns la České dráhy în februarie 2022. Am reușit să o surprind la tracțiunea unui tren de călători, intrând în gara Praga pe 19 septembrie.
193-683 - 19.09.2022.JPG (442.93 KB; downloaded 665 times)


Re: Cehia - Trenuri Gabi23

Locomotiva Škoda 65E1 cu nr. 150-203, fabricată în anul 1978, plecând din gara Praga:
150-203 - 19.09.2022.JPG (549.18 KB; downloaded 653 times)


Re: Cehia - Trenuri Gabi23

Locomotivele Škoda 69Em cu nr. 362-071 și 362-076, fabricate în anul 1987, surprinse în gara Praga:
362-071 - 19.09.2022 (1).JPG (388.31 KB; downloaded 650 times)
362-071 - 19.09.2022 (2).JPG (591.23 KB; downloaded 650 times)
362-076 - 19.09.2022.JPG (469.32 KB; downloaded 650 times)


Re: Cehia - Trenuri Gabi23

Locomotiva Škoda 109E1 cu nr. 380-004, fabricată în anul 2009, plecând din gara Praga:
380-004 - 19.09.2022 (1).JPG (336.38 KB; downloaded 644 times)
380-004 - 19.09.2022 (2).JPG (292.17 KB; downloaded 644 times)


Re: Cehia - Trenuri Gabi23

Rama electrică CityElefant Škoda Vagonka 1Ev 471-053 fabricată în anul 2009:
471-053 - 19.09.2022 (1).JPG (454.41 KB; downloaded 647 times)
471-053 - 19.09.2022 (2).JPG (461.62 KB; downloaded 647 times)


Re: Cehia - Trenuri Gabi23

Automotorul Škoda Vagónka Studénka 810-449 face parte din seria produsă între anii 1973-1982.
810-449 - 19.09.2022.JPG (396.06 KB; downloaded 637 times)


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