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Estonia - Tallinn Tom

Capitala estoniană are o flotă destul de mare de vagoane KT4SU. Două dintre ele au fost modernizate în stil retro:

Sursa fotografiei:
Iată și harta rețelei de tramvai și troleibuz din anul 2017:


Re: Estonia, Tallinn PTMZ

There were three offers made for the Tallinn public transport firm Tallinna Linnatranspordi AS (TLT) tender to procure 23 new trams. The city hopes to enter into a contract no later than in the beginning of 2022.

TLT board chairman Deniss Boroditš said there were three offers made for the tender - tram manufacturers CAF, PESA and Škoda.

"The winner of the tram procurement must be prepared to deliver 23 new trams to Tallinn. The best offer will be clear in the near future, after all tender conditions have been looked at thoroughly and the offers are listed on the basis of conditions and criteria," Boroditš said.

"TLT hopes to sign a successful procurement contract in the first half of 2022 after negotiations," the city transport official added.

The capital city's fleet of trams currently consists of 64 trams. The goal of the procurement is to increase the service quality of Tallinn's public transportation service through increasing the fleet and also extending the service itself.

"Although new tramlines could technically be opened with the existing fleet, new trams will ensure sustainability and will improve the light rail capacity of the capital city. In previous years, Tallinn has acquired 20 new trams and renovated or reconstructed KT4 and KT6 trams, meaning power systems have been modernized to ensure optimal maintenance of tram transport," Boroditš said.

The tender conditions state that the trams must be 27-34 m in length and 2.4 m wide at the most. The height from the rails must be less than 3.85 m. Each tram must have a seating capacity of at least 50 and a total capacity of at least 160 passengers.

Sursa: News ERR


Re: Estonia - Tallinn WT_fan06

Vești bune de la Tallinn - autoritățile s-au răzgândit în privința troleibuzelor. În urma mai multor studii și proiecte pilot, acum susțin ca, în primă fază, să modernizeze flota cu noi troleibuze cu autonomie, iar în a doua fază să extindă rețeaua și să creeze noi rute. De asemenea este luată în calcul demontarea rețelei din centrul orașului, unde există multe încrucișări, pentru a ridica restricțiile de viteză. O abordare interesantă; posibil să fie primii care vor să încerce asta.


Estonia - Tallinn Andrei Andraș

Începând cu 1 noiembrie circulația troleibuzelor va fi sistată.

Buses to temporarily take over Tallinn's trolley network in fall

As Tallinn's trolleybuses' life span is running out, from November 1, buses will take their place in the capital. Tallinn City Transport will buy over 40 new vehicles, but it will take several years for them to reach the transport network. Taking into account major street reconstruction projects, aging infrastructure, and the current trolley fleet, Tallinn City Transport (TLT) and Tallinn Transport Department agreed to cease all trolley transport next year. They will return to the capital in the future.

In the coming weeks, a national procurement will be launched for 40 new modern trolleybuses. The new trolleys will receive modern-style technology and a better battery life. In addition, it should line fault problems which bring trolley traffic to a standstill. Additionally, the new maintenance costs should be slightly cheaper than they currently are.

TLT Chairman Kaido Padar, said that switching out the old trolleys with new battery-operated vehicles is an inevitable step as the current trolley's lifespan is running out.

„Before the new trolley's arrival, we must modernize the whole infrastructure, including the trolley substations. Mustamäe tee and Sõpruse puiestee need complete updating, which is why it will soon be technically impossible for the trolleys to continue driving in these directions. The cityscape's development will allow taking on all these works at the same time."

Currently, TLT has a fleet of 32 trolleys. Even though, for quite some time, they have been changed with buses to improve the service quality. Most trolley drivers will get approval to continue as bus drivers or take on other free posts. If necessary, retraining will be provided.
Foto: Jan Mihula, via Transphoto
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