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Știri, noutăți, perspective Utilizator anonim

Un tren a sărit în aer în Illinois. O localitate a fost evacuată

Un tren a deraiat şi a sărit în aer vineri lângă un orăşel din Illinois, ceea ce a dus la evacuarea celor 800 de persoane din zonă.
Trenul, care transporta etanol, a explodat lângă Tiskilwa, sud-vest de Chicago. În urma deflagraţiei, şase maşini au sărit în aer, potrivit dpa.
Deocamdată nu s-au înregistat răniţi.

Potrivit pompierilor, focul a scăpat de sub control şi autorităţile se tem că flăcările s-au extins la peste 100 de maşini.
Cauzele deraierii nu sunt cunoscute.

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Re: Stiri, noutati, perspective Tom

Asta nu e chiar atat de rau. Au avut ceva mai rau in 1996. Atunci, dupa ce populatia a fost evacuata si a stat cateva zile in afara orasului, unii s'au intors sa-si ia si animalele cu ei. Din fericire trenul implicat in accident nu a explodat.


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Re: Stiri, noutati, perspective PTMZ

Amtrak awarded Siemens Mobility a USD 3.4 billion contract to design, manufacture and technically support 73 multi-powered trains which will operate primarily on the Northeast Corridor (NEC). The contract includes an option for up to 140 additional trains and further maintenance agreements. The order is the company’s latest endeavor to acquire the most sustainable and efficient trains on the market, which include dual powered and hybrid battery vehicles.

According to Amtrak, the manufacturer will supply 83 multi-powered modern trains for the northeast services while 130 additional trains will support operator’s expansion strategy to connect up to 160 communities throughout the United States by building new or improved rail corridors in over 25 states.

The order includes dual power and hybrid battery trains. The first will be delivered in 2024, while the first of its kind Venture Hybrid battery train will begin testing in 2025. The trains for the Northeast Corridor and State Supported routes will be delivered from 2024 through 2030. Through the use of multi-power systems, including hybrid battery operation, they will also provide a substantial environmental benefit through reduced emissions compared to the existing fleet.

“Amtrak’s procurement of new rolling stock is historic. These state-of-the-art trainsets will allow Amtrak to operate and provide services more safely, efficiently, and reliably. More importantly, doing so will give riders the modern passenger rail accommodations, amenities and comforts they want and deserve,” FRA Deputy Administrator Amit Bose said.

Amtrak intends to invest USD 7.3 billion which includes the purchase of equipment and a long-term parts supply and service agreement, facility modifications and upgrades, and other programme expenses. A long-term service agreement for technical support, spare parts and material supply will accompany the contract to manufacture the trains.

The trains include wireless communications, remote monitoring and fully integrated digital diagnostics for increased reliability. These advanced features will enable Amtrak to test and develop new technology and introduce new maintenance approaches to drive efficiency, increase availability and reduce long term costs.

The trains will feature more comfortable seating, individual power outlets and USB ports, onboard Wi-Fi, enhanced lighting and panoramic windows, a more contemporary food service experience, including self-service options, as well as state-of-the-art customer trip information, digital seat reservation system and navigation display systems.

The trains were designed with the latest health and safety standards, including enhanced HVAC, touchless restroom controls, and automated steps. In addition, they will be designed with Amtrak’s new standard of enhanced accessible features, including inductive hearing loops, accessible restrooms and vestibules, accessible Food Service car, and lifts for customers with reduced mobility, including wheelchair users. The trains meet all the latest safety regulations and standards, providing improved structural safety.

The new trains will be manufactured at Siemens Mobility’s North American rail manufacturing facility in Sacramento, California and will comply with the Federal Railroad Administration Buy America Standards.

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Re: Stiri, noutati, perspective PTMZ

The first Venture trainset manufactured by Siemens Mobility for Via Rail has been delivered and will perform the needed tests to soon enter passenger service. It is expected that the train will start operation at the beginning of 2022.

Under a EUR 650 million contract signed in December 2018, Siemens Mobility will design and build the next generation of trainsets for the Canadian state-owned intercity transporta operator. The contract covers the delivery of 32 bi-directional trainsets and includes a 15-year service agreement.

The new trains will enter operation on the Quebec City – Windsor Corridor, company’s busiest rail route, linking Toronto and Montreal. Connecting these two Canada’s largest cities, the corridor has a length of more than 2,200 km on a northeast-southwest axis.

The Venture trainset has more comfortable seats and is equipped with modern climate control system, a digital passenger information system as well as Wi-Fi connection.

In addition to using energy-efficient LED lighting, the new bi-directional fleet will reduce turnaround time and operating time with engines running.

The intercity train is powered by Charger locomotives, one of the most fuel-efficient diesel-electric locomotives available on the rolling stock market. The new engine meets Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Tier 4 emission standards, reducing particulate matter and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions by 85-95%.

The passenger cars come with a high level of comfort, air-suspension, state of the art interior design, a full range of modern passenger amenities, the latest in food service equipment and will feature Enhanced Universal Accessibility, offering multiple accommodations for wheelchairs and other mobility devices. The new trains will provide a barrier-free, fully accessible travel experience for the passengers with disabilities and are fitted with wheelchair lifts in every accessible car, mobility assistance spaces, large fully accessible washrooms and Braille and raised signage.

A content of more than 20 per cent of supplies and service is used to manufacture the trainsets at Siemens Mobility’s Sacramento rolling stock plant.

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Re: Știri, noutăți, perspective PTMZ

Argentina’s Minister of Transport Alexis Guerrera has announced that TMH has won a USD 684 million contract to supply a fleet of 70 wide-gauge EMUs and the related maintenance activities. The decision was published in the official bulletin of the Government on 31 December 2021 and it is planned that the project will be financed by Russia.

The new trains will be delivered over a four-year period starting 27 months after contract entry into force.

The new 8-car electric multiple units, totalling 560 cars, will be operated on the 25 kV Buenos Aires suburban rail network. It is expected that the new electric trains will run on Roca, Sarmiento and San Martin lines, one of the busiest rail routes in the country.

The wide-gauge EMUs will be based on the Ivolga EMU platform developed and manufactured by TMH in Tver (Russia) which are operating the Moscow Central Diameters since November 2019.

The EMU for Argentina is a 25kV stainless steel train with maximum speed of 120 km/h and has a capacity of up to 2,000 passengers in its 8-car configuration.
TMH plans to localise 25% of the project, including the production of components, final assembly works, testing and commissioning of the trains in Argentina. For this purpose, the company will invest into an industrial facility and create up to 1,500 new direct and indirect locally jobs across the full value chain.

“With this EMU project, we’ll reinforce our local footprint, continue to transfer knowledge and technology, and further involve the Argentinean rail supply chain through strong alliances with local actors,” Hans Schabert, the President of TMH International said.
TMH currently employs 250 people across the country involved in maintenance, repair and modernisation of rolling stock as well as in the delivery of spare parts and supply chain management services to customers.

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Re: Știri, noutăți, perspective WT_fan06

Despre problemele sistemice ale transportului feroviar din America, dar și despre oportunitățile prețioase de dezvoltare post-pandemie:


Re: Știri, noutăți, perspective punmeister

Oricum ideea de a avea un operator federal (care trebuie sa aduca si un profit mind you!) precum Amtrak este contra naturii. E ca si cum ai avea la nivel de UE un singur operator feroviar de calatori.

Acolo trebuie facut pe bucati. Amtrak nationalizat si sa ramana doar cu rutele lungi, inter-statale, Iar ce ramane doar pe teritoriul fiecarui stat in parte sa fie ori privatizat sau sa fie operat de statele cu pricina. FL cu Brightline comes to mind pe partea privata, respectiv SEPTA/NJT in PA respectiv NJ pe partea de public.


Re: Știri, noutăți, perspective WT_fan06

Pe de altă, ce impact benefic ar fi asupra călătorilor și a bugetului de stat?

Practic tai feliile profitabile și le dai altora, iar feliile cele mai neprofitabile și mai proaste rămân în grija statului.

Trenurile de călători cross-country tot vor rămâne un "serviciu social" și vor aștepta după cele de marfă, pentru că infrastructura e dețiuntă de companiile feroviare de marfă.


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