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Topic: Train Simulator 2015 - RailWorks 5 18.09.14

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Train Simulator 2015 - RailWorks 5 18.09.14 Razvan Mihai

Urmatorul in seria Train Simulator

pe masura ce vor afisa imagini din viitorul simulator le voi impartasi si cu voi  :D
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Re: Train Simulator 2015 - RailWorks 5 18.09.14 Razvan Mihai

Urmatoare versiune anunta, cine are versiunea curenta va primi free upgrade:

Routes & content:

London to Peterborough East Coast Main Line route

- including the First Capital Connect Class 365 plus Hitachi Class 800/801 trains

New York to New Haven North East Corridor route

- including the Amtrak ACS-64 plus Amtrak Acela Express trains

Munich to Garmisch-Partenkirschen route

- including the DB BR 426 plus DB 411 ICE T trains

Key product developments:

Train Simulator now includes the newly created TS Academy, a training area designed to introduce new players to the series quickly and easily.  In TS Academy players can experience all types of trains, as well as mastering different environments and learning the intricacies of train operations and signalling systems.  They can go from beginner to pro, earning driver licenses and awards along the way.

“With the popularity of Train Simulator growing every year, we’ve listened to our customers and understood their desire for us to create a more accessible experience, especially at entry level to the game,” said Adam Lucas, Producer at Dovetail Games. “TS Academy gives both new and seasoned players an environment in which they can really master every aspect of the game in a very straightforward way, so that they can maximise their enjoyment as they play through the challenges and scenarios later on.”

“It is also important to our users to be able to get creative so we’ve made further enhancements to the tool set available to creators to make the job of building great content easier and quicker than ever before.”

Train Simulator 2015 is set to launch on 18th September 2014 for PC and will be compatible with an existing range of more than 100 add-on locomotives and routes, which allow fans the ability to customise their experience.  Players can create and edit routes and scenarios and share them via Steam Workshop.  

The game will be available to buy as a boxed product at leading video game and other entertainment retailers.  It will also be available to download from the online gaming platform Steam.  

- See more at:

urmatorul din serie va beneficia de motorul Unreal4
What about Unreal4?

UE4 is a massive development for Dovetail Games and is going to take a little longer for us to bring it to the train franchise. TS2015 continues with the software we are all familiar with, and this year its all about accessibility and enhancement.
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