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The cookies

To ensure that this website works properly, we sometimes save to your computer some small data fiels, also known as cookies. Most websites do this.


What are cookies?

The cookie is a small file a website saves on your device when you visit it. By using cookies, the website stores, for a limited period of time, your preferences (login, language, font size and others). This is why you do not have to re-enter them with each visit.


How are cookies used?

Our cookies are used for content personalization, by saving each user's preferences (language, date formats, new post highlights and so on).

Third-party cookies are specific to their owner, who holds full responsibility regarding their usage. We use cookies from youtube.com, flickr.com and imgur.com.


How can cookies be controlled?

You have full control over cookies. You can delete all cookies from your computer or device and you can set your browser to stop allowing cookies. If you do this, some of our website's features will not work, while others will work temporarily, but will need to be set with each visit. For legal help, visit gdpr.eu/cookies. For technical help, check out this guide.


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